1-6prickly tenacity
7-10sublime sensations
tt: 46:05 / recorded 11.2007
tt: 50:07 / recorded 01.2016


LP - Präsentation mit Vito - Port Of Call - NBLP 104 - Vilnius

VITO et le métaphysicien Claude


2 CD klaus treuheit w. lou grassi

kt-trio feat. lou grassi: prepared piano/intensified harpsichord - reeds - percussion.
kt w. lou grassi: organ & drums.
NewSeries KTMP 2020 CD

ERSCHEINT 20.XI.2020!!!

It turns out that Mr. Treuheit has a half dozen records out as a leader starting around 1988. I am a longtime fan of ace Downtown drummer Lou Grassi, who has worked with Marshall Allen, Rob Brown, Gunter Hampel and who has around 10 out as a leader. Mr. Treuheit does a good job of experimenting by rubbing things on the string of the piano while Mr. Wissel plays haunting tenor sax sounds and Grassi matches both with careful, quiet drumming. The subdued, slow-moving quality makes this trio/disc forces us to slow down and listen closely as the dream-like vibe takes over. Mr. Wissel plays some Evan Parker-like controlled multi-phonics which work well when Treuheit switches to harpsichord, an instrument not usually used in experimental music, while Mr. Grassi plays some soft, spooky mallet-work on the drums. I like the way the harpsichord sounds here, both quaint and quietly eerie, the overall sound calm yet mysterious combining elements from different eras or centuries past”. Bruce Gallanter DowntownMusicGallery, NY, NY., 11/20/2020.


Investigation Routine 1 - 7

Klaus Treuheit Piano, Christoph Irmer Violine, Peter Holtz Klarinette, Günther Pitscheider Kontrabaß: Concerto Bavarese, BR2, 00.10 Uhr